Forrester Report: The Future of DevOps

According to The Future of DevOps report,  “Forrester’s research shows that companies that pursue agile/DevOps transformations are more likely to exceed expectations in their overall business results and report higher quality and satisfaction with software delivery.

The shift to DevOps is more than just a methodology; it is a change in mindset that encompasses culture, automation, learning, sharing, and processes. DevOps has shown that it can provide faster software delivery, and greater agility, resilience, and cost savings. For organizations that embrace DevOps, the future is promising as they stand to benefit significantly from adopting best practices and advancing their understanding of the discipline.

This Forrester report highlights three areas that will shape the future of DevOps:

  • People will be organized around outcomes

  • Practices will surpass processes, leading to deeper automation

  • Platforms will unify, expand, and intensify

Download the report today to discover how your organization can consolidate, extend, and deepen technology with DevOps solutions.

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