Exploring the Power of High Availability and Horizontal Scalability (HA/HS) with CloudBees CI

In this on demand webinar, we follow up on our recent webinar, “Unleash the Power of High Availability and Scalability with CloudBees CI,” showcasing use cases and demonstrating the powerful HA/HS functionality of CloudBees CI.

CloudBees CI is a scalable and flexible CI solution based on Jenkins® open source. It offers centralized management, security, compliance, and automation at scale for enterprises. This product helps teams improve efficiency, lower the risk of security holes, standardize best practices, and manage resources for the right-sized infrastructure.

In this webinar recording, we delve deeper into how CloudBees CI brings order and scalability to Jenkins, giving developers the freedom to control their pipelines, making it easy for teams to self-govern consistently, and scaling easily without performance impact.

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