Deploy With Confidence Using CloudBees CD/RO and Argo Rollouts on Amazon EKS

As organizations look to increase the pace of innovation and build new customer experiences, modernizing how they build and operate applications is key. In a recent Deloitte survey, CIOs reported that 80% of developers’ time is spent on operations and application maintenance and only 20% is actually spent on innovation.

To reclaim some of this time, enterprises are using CloudBees Continuous Delivery and Release Orchestration (CD/RO) to orchestrate multiple interdependent applications and microservices across different environments. This allows teams to coordinate multiple pipelines and releases across hybrid infrastructures in an efficient, predictable and auditable way.

In this on-demand webinar, CloudBees and AWS demonstrate how CloudBees CD/RO leverages Argo Rollouts for microservices deployments to help you deploy new microservices releases on Amazon EKS in a controlled, safe and automated manner.

A live demo will show the value of CD/RO to achieve:

  • Real-time visibility into the phased rollout to improve consistency and drive efficiency across teams

  • Control and audit the trail of promotion or rollback, which gives teams a complete view into the entire process of taking applications from concept into production

  • Complete auditability and traceability throughout the SDLC

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