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CloudBees Compliance runs continuously with the software delivery process, using a common repository of rules to check digital asset configurations in real-time at every stage. It ensures those assets are always compliant at every stage, including in production, and answers - clearly - what risks must be addressed.

  • Developers get clear, actionable directions on what needs to be fixed so they can stay focused on innovation.

  • Compliance teams set enterprise-wide compliance standards for source code, binary repositories, data, on-premise and cloud environments, and identities without having to train developers or write standards into every tool.

  • Business leaders make defensible decisions based on contextual risk - without having to wade through alert storms and false positives.

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What is Continuous Compliance?

When a CISO can complete these three actions for an organization’s compliance and security posture at any given time.


Real-time review of security and compliance, answering “where might we be at risk?”


Confirmation of compliance throughout software delivery lifecyle


Demonstrable proof that an organization is secure and compliant with relevant industry frameworks