Meet the Bees: Runxia Ye

Written by: Georgiana Patru
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Making a Difference as One Team

Meet Runxia Ye, senior product manager in Belgium

There wasn’t a time when Runxia Ye wasn’t working in software. "I’ve always either worked for a software company, or if not a software company, I’ve worked in some kind of software department,” she says. Though she doesn’t code anymore, Runxia says her technical background allows her to easily connect with developers. "I know what they are going through, and I understand the technical components.”

In her role as senior product manager, Runxia loves the feeling of being a part of all the teams she works with. "This role is a bit special in the sense that I am a part of a team of product managers who are responsible for a lot of different things.” When the product management opportunity came up, Runxia was excited because she could do more than she did in previous roles. "I feel like I can make a difference with what I’m doing now,” she says.

Making a difference is a driving force for Runxia, both personally and professionally. "Making a difference means helping other people deliver, and in turn, helping them make a difference in the world. It’s so important to focus on ‘What does the customer need and how can we best help the customer get to where they need to be?’” she says. It’s not just empathy, it’s putting yourself in the customer’s shoes and seeing what the customer needs to succeed, not just what they see, she explains. "People at CloudBees really go out of their way to help our customer and make them happy and successful.”

When asked where this drive comes from, Runxia says it’s the joy she gets when she can help someone overcome their challenges. "It’s that positive reinforcement of helping others, and also getting help from others. Once you’ve been in that position, you really appreciate what others did or are doing to help you. You want to pay it forward.”

One of the biggest things Runxia has learned throughout her career is that you can make great things happen if you pull in the same direction as one team. At CloudBees, no one is competing against each other or working in silos, she says. That’s a big deal. "I just feel so at home with the culture here. And I have to mention the queenbeez because that’s something I’ve never experienced anywhere else.” 

QueenBeez is a community and networking project at CloudBees where women can share their experiences, positive messages, and show support for each other’s achievements. Runxia says you can be a QueenBeez for life – meaning, even if you decide to leave CloudBees, you can always keep in touch with the QueenBeez community. 

“For a long time I’ve been on the minority side as a woman; and while I’ve been very lucky, the additional support and empowerment through our QueenBeez community is everything. Here, you feel there is value to being a woman on the team and that’s something we should be proud of.” 

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