Meet the Bees: Jude Wellington

Written by: Georgiana Patru
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A Real [Music] Mover and Shaker

Meet Jude Wellington, marketing events manager in California

Music and business don’t always mix – unless you happen to be at a tech-industry marketing event. That’s where you’re likely to see Jude Wellington, CloudBees’ marketing events manager, plying his trade. Curating music for these events is one his favorite jobs, Jude says, but it requires a ton of planning and a lot of smart judgement calls. "You can’t just use your own personal playlist. You have to be thoughtful in the type of vibe you want to create when interacting with the public.”

A self-described "DJ culture enthusiast,” Jude excels at marrying his passion for music with every event he coordinates. "I’ve been a DJ for quite some time now, and while I’m not spinning underground vinyl anymore, I love mixing music and entertainment and creating a fun environment in our booth to help build that energy – that vibe – that connects and draws people in.” 

When he first got into event marketing, Jude’s background in architecture & design was an unexpected asset. "What I didn’t realize is how much my architecture & design knowledge would play to my advantage regarding space, planning, booths, and designing spaces within our trade show environments,” he says. While Jude brought the skill sets, he’s thankful that CloudBees gave him the opportunity to bring them to fruition. He says it’s made his experience all the more special. 

Responsible for the "entertainment” side of marketing events, Jude picks tracks, works on floor plans, coordinates activities, and creates the overall experience within the CloudBees booth. He is all about creating a positive experience for the customer. At the end of the day, he enjoys seeing lots of happy people engaged in the booth.

Global marketing roadie 

Before the pandemic, Jude says the CloudBees Days tour was without a doubt his biggest, most gratifying undertaking. From February to June, Jude traveled to every city on the tour. "The logistics of going in and out of every city was grueling, but it was so rewarding,” Jude says. At each event, he explored the city, checked out the local culture, and figured out what ideas he could bring back to CloudBees. 

"I would love for us to think of ourselves more as a hive,” he says. "And what do hives do? They pollinate.” Jude would love to see it renamed "Pollinate - The CloudBees User Road Tour.” After all, he says, “we are really out there pollinating and trying to build something of tremendous value to everyone.” 

As our company grows, and as a return to in-person events looms, Jude is beaming with excitement. "This evolution of what’s going on at CloudBees – how big we are now and how much we have to talk about – I can’t wait to capture that energy and surprise a lot of people. We are such a highly respected and admired company and I love that we maintain this focus of helping our customers and being a good leader in our industry.”

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