Meet the Bees: George Chidiac

Written by: Georgiana Patru
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Using Transparency to Unlock New Doors

Meet George Chidiac, senior customer success manager in The Netherlands

Since joining CloudBees, there hasn’t been a day George Chidiac thought about working for any other company. "It’s so special here,” he says. Contacted by CloudBees for his current position, George took the job with little hesitation.

"I wasn’t actively looking for this position, but I’m glad I took it. The diversity – with so many people from different backgrounds – it just clicked with me. I’ve never been disappointed. It’s truly a people company.” 

As a senior customer success manager overseeing Benelux, the Nordics, and accounts in the Middle East, George is constantly interacting with clients, managing their projects and taking them through their DevOps journey. "In a nutshell, I’d say I’m an ambassador for CloudBees,” George says. It’s a role not entirely unfamiliar to him. 

Prior to CloudBees, George worked in sales as a customer success manager with IBM. But even before that, he started his career focusing on human rights – specifically humanitarian refugee work in Lebanon. "I’m Lebanese so I worked at international NGOs and UN agencies over there,” he says. Then George moved to the Netherlands and started working in the tech sector. "Having a ‘global cause’ perspective is what I bring to my customers on a day-to-day basis,” George says. "I continue to interact with customers in the Middle East – in Turkey and Israel – so it gives me that kind of global approach, or at least multicultural approach, to dealing with customers.”

For George, working with clients scattered across many countries has broadened his global perspective. "I don’t speak any of the Nordic languages, so it’s definitely a culture that I’ve needed to adapt to.” While this adjustment can be challenging at times, he says it’s incredibly rewarding, especially when it comes to building solid relationships with clients. 

Transparency, authenticity, and integrity, George believes, are what make these relationships so rewarding. "We like to bring that authenticity to our relationship. If we make a mistake, there is a level of transparency and ownership that our customers appreciate. One, it prevents us from doing it again, and two, it builds a trusting relationship.” 

Much like his relationship with clients, George has a very positive and grounded relationship with his co-workers and peers at CloudBees. "With everyone I meet, I can tell they really care about the people around them,” he says. Noting his relationship with upper management, George says, "They always listen. No matter your opinion. You have the opportunity to be as transparent and direct as possible and I think that’s really valuable.”

For someone who strives to be as transparent as possible with his clients, George says it’s a big deal to work for a company that treats him the same way. 

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