Meet the Bees: Corinne Krych

Written by: Georgiana Patru
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Meet Corinne Krych, lead architect, UI/UX in France

Things move fast for Corinne Krych. So fast, she says, that the last two years at CloudBees feels more like ten. "My position has changed a lot in such a short period of time and I’ve been able to do so many things.” 

When Corinne joined CloudBees, she started in UI – working on the website. Shortly after that, she worked as a tech lead for the Jenkins-X UI team and then the architecture team. While her official title is lead architect, Corinne is shifting titles soon to embrace a more managerial role to drive the HoneyUI Design System team. "What excites me about this new position in management is that we’re looking for more talent. Coaching the new Bees in UI/UX is where I’m going to help.” 

However, managing won’t come without its challenges, Corinne says. "I’ve always been pragmatic in the way I work. As I move into a manager position, making sure I coach people without getting too much into the ‘nitty gritty’ will be a challenge,” she says laughing.

While excited for the change ahead, Corinne couldn’t be happier with her current team. "It feels so special and unique to have an all-female team here.” As someone used to being the only woman on the team, especially in architecture, Corinne says "typically, the more experience you have and higher you go, the less women you find. So, I love my team. There’s such a variety of experience and levels. I’m excited to grow the team and collaborate more.”

Taking on a new role this year, Corinne will be building a design team to work on Honey UI, our design system. "It’s bringing UI and UX together for a friendly user experience – making sure all the products have the same experience. Unifying UI and UX is so important and it’s going to be key for growth in the coming years,” she says. Corinne is quite enthusiastic about this new journey, especially since her team is so passionate. She can’t wait to add more talent – more diverse Bees – to the team. 

"Diversity is so important, and I really see that mentality at CloudBees. We have a strong incentive for more diversity, especially in management. It’s not just words – it’s action.” Used to being the only woman in a meeting, Corinne says she felt like the elephant in the room for a long time. "It left me with a weird feeling – with imposter syndrome. But it’s different at CloudBees,” she explains. "A lot of women I talk to suffer imposter syndrome – especially female developers. But that’s something we can change.”

Looking to the future, Corinne hopes her position as an architect – a stereotypically male role, she says – will inspire other women to choose this path. "It’s encouraging to see others in a role where there isn’t a lot of representation. It instills the belief that no matter what you set your mind to, you can do it.”

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