How to Solve the Monolithic Jenkins® Controller Problem

As more developer teams realize the benefits to be gained from using Jenkins, many organizations start to become a victim of their own success. For some, the original Jenkins controller instance becomes overloaded as additional teams start using it. Developers have to wait longer for their jobs to finish and in some cases, teams must build and manage their own Jenkins infrastructure. This additional workload takes precious time away from developing software.

The good news is that this is a preventable tragedy (in most cases). There are numerous red flags along the way that you can identify if you know to look for them. In this whitepaper, we aim to use our 10+ years in software delivery experience to help you understand:

  • What is a monolithic controller and what are the signs you are on the road to creating one?

  • How to remedy a monolithic controller 

  • What best practices you can follow to horizontally scale Jenkins in the future

  • How this worked for other enterprises like you

Jenkins® is a registered trademark of LF Charities Inc.

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