How to Scale Feature Flag Management

Feature flag usage often starts at the grassroots level. A few individuals or a small team implement a few flags to solve a specific problem.

Soon, however, other teams learn about the benefits of feature flags. New use cases appear, and so do growing pains. It’s now time to find a way to scale feature flag management across the organization—before feature flags begin doing more harm than good. 

If this story sounds familiar to you, you may be deciding whether you want to make a significant investment in your homegrown system or migrate to an external platform. What factors should you take into account? How will your decision affect the velocity of software delivery? 

This whitepaper provides an overview of common patterns that tend to arise in organizations as they scale their usage of feature flags. Whether you choose to grow your self-built system or migrate externally, planning ahead is key. Download this whitepaper for a comprehensive checklist of considerations.

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