The Guide to Advanced Jenkins®

Unlock Advanced Jenkins Strategies for Streamlined DevOps

Jenkins is a key part of the DevOps process, reshaping how teams build, test, and deploy software. The "Advanced Jenkins Guide" by CloudBees helps enhance your CI/CD pipelines for top efficiency and security.

The Ultimate Resource for Jenkins Best Practices

Discover how to streamline your Jenkins pipeline for maximum efficiency and scalability, emphasizing seamless streamlining techniques such as:

  • Simplicity in the Pipeline

  • Scalability Made Easy with Declarative Pipelines

  • Optimize without Monoliths

  • Smart Plugin Management

  • Containerization for Build Agents

  • CloudBees CI: Jenkins at Enterprise Scale

Our expert guide by Darin Pope showcases CloudBees' dedication to advancing Jenkins in modern DevOps. Whether you lead a platform engineering team or manage DevOps operations, this resource helps you maximize Jenkins' potential.

Download your copy of the "Advanced Jenkins Guide" today and propel your continuous integration forward!

Jenkins® is a registered trademark of LF Charities Inc.

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