Feature Flags Across CI/CD

While CI/CD is no longer a new process for many companies, the concept of feature flagging and progressive delivery creating the “next generation” of CI/CD is something that few companies have embraced. 

Feature flags are one of the tools that make your CI/CD pipeline work better. They help your team shepherd features through your pipeline safely, quickly and effectively. They make your team more productive while shortening the feedback loop with end customers. But feature flags can also add complexity and there are important considerations for managing them you should know about before scaling their usage.

This whitepaper will help you learn:

  • How to implement feature flags into your software delivery pipelines

  • When or where in the software delivery lifecycle you should be using flags

  • How flags help you innovate, improve developer productivity and minimize risk

  • The cultural and process considerations for adding feature flags to CI/CD pipelines

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