5 Things You Need to Get Started with Enterprise Progressive Delivery

You’ve invested in highly automated testing, your CI/CD pipelines and culture shifts to a DevOps mindset. You’re seeing those investments pay off in greater velocity and higher quality releases, but they do little to create a continuous improvement loop for features once they hit production. So what’s the next step to improve your software delivery performance even further?

Enter enterprise progressive delivery. Through common visibility of feature flags and CI/CD processes, enterprise progressive delivery allows for faster, safer feature releases on a targeted or rolling basis within production. Features can be easily vetted for technical performance and real user acceptance in a safe, repeatable, automated manner. Developer and operations teams share ownership of feature flag usage, ensuring better collaboration throughout the software delivery lifecycle.

In this eBook, you’ll learn five essentials for building a repeatable progressive delivery practice at enterprise scale. With this foundation, your organization can start adopting, embracing and benefiting from enterprise progressive delivery. Let’s dive in!

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