Welcome to CloudBees Connect - How Feature Flags Power Continuous Delivery

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Session Description

Join Field Chief Technology Officer & VP, Wesley Pullen as he welcomes you to CloudBees Connect and kicks things off with an intro to evolving enterprise software delivery with Feature Flags.Then join renowned software delivery consultant, Pete Hodgson, as he ask the question, "What is driving the industry-wide shift towards Continuous Delivery?" Pete will lay out his theory, that CD unlocks a fundamental competitive advantage for businesses as they increase their software’s deployment frequency and reduce batch sizes. We’ll look at the technical practices that organizations use to successfully make the shift to CD, including separating deployment from release using feature flags. We’ll learn how feature flags allow engineers to move with speed and safety. We’ll also see how feature flags unlock additional gains such as trimming down our reliance on pre-production environments, and allowing a scientific, data-driven approach to product management.