Accelerating DevOps through Better Feature Flag Management

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Session Description

The concepts of CI/CD are no longer new to most organizations in their DevOps transformation, even if their shift to modern software delivery practices isn’t yet complete. Scaling of tools, automation, and shifting to cloud infrastructure are all common levers for further expediting DevOps maturity, but one option many organizations haven’t considered is using feature flags as a backbone of software delivery to speed up development, de-risk releases, and further mature CI/CD practices.

Join Director of Engineering, Eyal Keren, in a talk that will cover the use cases across CI/CD impacted by feature flags, from trunk-based development to feature-level releases, and even using flags to de-risk infrastructure changes like workload migrations. Further, it will cover the technical When do we expect to see real results? Which Phases? and cultural considerations for scaling feature flags and guide attendees on how to get started within their own teams.