Unlock the Agile Bottleneck

Automate deployments so Ops teams can keep up with the pace of Agile delivery

Are your developers Agile, creating more frequent releases? Are your Ops teams overwhelmed, keeping valuable software sitting on the shelf because they are unable to keep up with the rapid pace of Agile delivery? Ops teams want to eliminate manual and error-prone deployments and processes to achieve the velocity needed to put software into production, where value is delivered.

CloudBees can help.

Bottleneck Infographic

Before CloudBees

  • Manual, error-prone server provisioning and application deployments cause friction and slow down delivery.
  • IT Ops needs to be involved in every deployment, creating a bottleneck for QA and SIT environments.
  • IT creates rigid process to slow down deployments into production because of a lack of process and environment fidelity and insufficient visibility into QA status.

With CloudBees

  • Automated provisioning and application deployments eliminates errors and reduces risk, providing predictability at speed.
  • Secure, self-service access to application environments and deployments with automated tear-down allows Agile teams to increase their pace without relying on IT.
  • Process and environment fidelity and shared visibility into the end-to-end process gives IT confidence. Manual approval gates replace heavy CAB meetings.

Learn how CloudBees Flow speeds up your software release cycles, to enables Ops and downstream processes to keep up with the pace of Agile development

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