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Support Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Automate, manage and optimize software development and delivery across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Optimizing Software Delivery in a Hybrid Cloud Environment

As organizations increasingly pursue cloud-native capabilities, new challenges arise when it comes to managing software development and delivery across these complex environments.

  • Lessen the Administrative Burden And Free Up Developers

    Model environments and mask the complexity from those who shouldn’t have to care about the complexity. Enable software developers to do their job rather than managing their infrastructure environment.

  • Quickly Utilize Kubernetes to Establish New Cloud-Native Capabilities

    Reduce the massive lift associated with rearchitecting applications by decomposing monolithic applications into easily digestible microservices.

  • Reduce Inefficiencies and Costs Associated with Hybrid-cloud

    Build or drive CI/CD workloads in a cloud-agnostic manner taking into effect the tradeoffs for both continuous delivery capabilities and payloads to identify and reduce inefficiencies across the SDLC.

  • Maintain Common Processes, g\Governance and Visibility across the SDLC

    Realize efficiencies, properly manage regulatory and compliance issues, and reduce the onus of shadow IT/rogue projects by maintaining visibility across on-premise and multiple cloud environments.

Our Customer Stories

Revolutionizing DevOps at Salesforce with Kubernetes and CloudBees in the Cloud

Salesforce empowers software developers to create high-quality, secure enterprise apps on its platform by moving development operations to the cloud using CloudBees CI and Amazon EKS.

The Role of CloudBees CI and Kubernetes in Moving DevOps to the Cloud

Learn how Markel’s application teams quickly transitioned from a traditional on-premise Jenkins environment to a cloud-based containerized CloudBees CI platform.

Learn how CloudBees can help you manage software delivery in a hybrid or multi-cloud environment.

CloudBees Software Delivery Platform

Continuous Integration

Integrate and automate the build, test and packaging of code to artifacts.

Continuous Delivery

Eliminate scripts and automate deployment pipelines while verifying performance, quality and security.

Release Orchestration

Take the manual effort and risk out of releasing software by making the process repeatable and secure at any speed or scale. Leverage analytics to measure, audit and improve results.

Feature Flags and Management

Release and manage new features rapidly at scale. Share common visibility and governance of flags across the entire SDLC.

DevOps Analytics

Devops analytics that provides a single source of truth for real-time visibility into your software delivery performance.

Value Stream Management

Continuously improve product delivery by instrumenting, measuring, and improving your end-to-end value stream management.


72% of respondents in a recent survey described their cloud strategy as hybrid-first (Everest Research)


5 Organizations leverage five different cloud platforms on average (Flexera)


94% of enterprises use the cloud.(Flexera)

I Want to Move Some Applications to the Cloud, Now What?

You’re interested in using cloud-based resources to drive efficiency and productivity, gain a competitive advantage or lay the foundation for future growth. However, many of your applications still live on-premise and cannot be left behind.

CloudBees is the only vendor that has the experience and unique capabilities that can manage the development and delivery of both on-premise applications and cloud-native applications across multiple clouds and everything in between. Talk to us today to learn how we can help you achieve your goals.

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