Managing and Scaling Jenkins

Manage and Scale Jenkins

Manage more Jenkins instances with less cost and release more efficiently.

How to Optimize Jenkins for the Enterprise

Jenkins is booming! Usage of Jenkins pipelines has jumped 79% in two years, driven by expanding teams and environments. However, managing Jenkins across large environments can be tough. Discover how CloudBees CI can help.

  • Increase Operational Efficiency

    Manage Jenkins at scale with fewer resources, improving build times and release efficiency while maintaining high operational availability.

    • Read how large enterprises saw a reduction in lost developer hours due to downtime by 99% in the TEI Report

    • Read how Accenture decreased their environment setup time by 96% with CloudBees CI

  • Improve Developer Satisfaction

    Create a productive environment with less administrative overhead and more focus on innovation. Read how Accenture

    • Reduced development build and deploy times by 75%

    • Saw an 80+% time reduction in Jenkins maintenance across the platform

  • Decrease downtime and MTTR

    High availability not only reduces or eliminates downtime, but it also improves cluster performance by increasing build frequency to get your code to customers faster.

  • Enforce Security and Compliance In Builds

    Centrally enforce common security options across multiple controllers with an authentication system, role-based access control, SSO and credentials management.


Delta Dental of California Automates CI/CD with CloudBees Platform

Delta Dental of California moved beyond Jenkins and adopted CloudBees CI to rapidly scale its DevOps environment and improve the speed, quality, security and compliance of its software delivery.

Autodesk Sparked a CI/CD Transformation

Autodesk used CloudBees to establish secure, automated Jenkins pipelines.

Learn how CloudBees can help you better manage Jenkins at scale.

CloudBees Software Delivery Platform

Continuous Integration

Integrate and automate the build, test and packaging of code to artifacts.

Continuous Delivery

Eliminate scripts and automate deployment pipelines while verifying performance, quality and security.

Release Orchestration

Take the manual effort and risk out of releasing software by making the process repeatable and secure at any speed or scale. Leverage analytics to measure, audit and improve results.

Feature Flags and Management

Release and manage new features rapidly at scale. Share common visibility and governance of flags across the entire SDLC.

DevOps Analytics

Devops analytics that provides a single source of truth for real-time visibility into your software delivery performance.

Value Stream Management

Continuously improve product delivery by instrumenting, measuring, and improving your end-to-end value stream management.


80% of enterprise companies use Jenkins


90+% annual reduction in Jenkins maintenance time


300+ CloudBees verified plugins ensure stability and security in your environment

Former Senior Development Tools Engineering Manager
"CI/CD at this scale would not have been possible without the added automation, security and manageability of CloudBees."

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Manage the security, compliance and efficiency of enterprise-wide software delivery from a centralized management solution, while giving developers the freedom to innovate with their tools of choice.

You can automate pipelines, embed best practices and empower teams at scale with multiple managed controllers. Shared services departments can provide development teams the environments they need to successfully deliver high-quality software and deconstruct brittle monolithic applications, while maintaining visibility and control across the entire organization.

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