IoT and Embedded

Orchestrate and automate Build, Test and Release to accelerate IoT software delivery

With the proliferation of IoT and connected devices, many traditional manufacturing companies find themselves now needing to become software companies – expanding their focus from production of physical goods, to infusing software into their products. This complexity of integrating software, hardware, firmware and physical components requires an evolution in how companies design, develop, test and produce their products. 

CloudBees can help.

Bottleneck Infographic

Before CloudBees

  • Multiple different teams each with their own pipeline and process makes choreographing releases complex.
  • Creating an audit-trail and ensuring compliance among multiple teams is complicated.
  • Provide an artifact repository to store and trace the life of each artifact.

With CloudBees

  • Handle different deployment paths (e.g. embedded device via over the air update, data center via internet, and mobile app via app store) from a single integrated solution. Orchestrate the delivery pipelines for each team and manage the dependencies between these pipelines.
  • Enable teams to own the pieces of orchestration pertaining to their applications while enforcing a separation of duties. Provide centralized dashboards and processes to facilitate the monitoring and management of delivery pipelines and releases. Provide complete traceability with automated compliance reports that are available on-demand.
  • Single source of truth from a scalable, shared artifact repository built-in to the system.

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