Evidence as a Service

Continuously assess, assert, and generate evidence, so it’s just a click away!

Prove Audit Compliance With a Click

Evidencing compliance sinks countless man-hours ahead of an audit and still is a point-in-time attestation. As we assess and assert compliance in real time, we can also provide the evidence at the click of a button!

Enhancing Application Security: Real-time Risk Assessment and Rapid Mitigation

Continuous asset scanning

Detect and fix vulnerabilities while providing proof of actions.

Reliable data consistency

Collect and store assets with precise metadata in the correct format.

Real-time evidence collection

Automate evidence updates based on tool changes, checks, or controls.

Hassle-free compliance on demand

Provide instant evidence as a service for SDLC compliance. Say goodbye to frantic preparations before an audit!

Explore How CloudBees Compliance Can Drive Substantial Impact and Propel Your Success.

Potential savings for 10 apps per year.


Cost savings


Hours saved

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