The Rise of the Machines

Powering Continuous Delivery for Software-driven Embedded Product Development

By 2020, there will be an estimated 50 billion Internet-connected devices. Software-driven devices are becoming a key part of our daily experience, unlocking more convenient and secure mobile devices, safer cars, breakthroughs in medicine, and more.

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“My builds are up to 19x faster with ElectricAccelerator”

Build Tools Manager, Fortune 500 Automotive and Transport Company

Better Software. Better Devices.

Hardware businesses must become software businesses to stay relevant. Developing high quality software faster than the competition matters. Failure to meet consumer expectations can bring a swift and significant response.

Get blindingly fast software builds and tests with CloudBees Accelerator, and orchestrate end-to-end software pipelines, tools, and infrastructure with CloudBees Flow. CloudBees delivers enterprise-grade scalability and security for geographically separated teams, along with visibility and real-time filtered data to address compliance and standards audits.

Hardware, meet Software

Integrate and validate your products in development early and often by automating validation toolchains, simulators and emulators as part of your end-to-end Quality Assurance process.

CloudBees Flow

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Accelerate builds and tests

Dramatically shorten lead-times for software builds and tests to gain increased quality assurance cycles before release. Using our patented parallelization technology you can increase software development resource utilization and reduce developer/QA wait times, leaving you with more time to develop the next key differentiating feature.

Be compliant. Prove it.

CloudBees gives you a single pane of glass to view all parts of the software development process. This allows you to generate reports to prove compliance more easily. This extends to many standards, including ISO26262, JSF, MISRA, SPICE, and DO-178.

CloudBees Flow

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