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The power of CloudBees Feature Management expedites the innovation process, minimizing risk and maximizing speed to market.

Accelerate your software development process with feature flags and CloudBees Feature Management

Feature flags are a powerful tool for developers and product owners looking to optimize their software development process. With a feature flag, developers can control how and when a particular feature is released, allowing for greater flexibility and more granular rollouts. This can be particularly useful for managing complex applications with multiple teams working on different features simultaneously. With feature flags, developers can quickly toggle features on and off, test new functionality in real-time, and release updates seamlessly without disrupting the user experience. As organizations continue to embrace agile methodologies, feature flags have become an essential part of the software development process, enabling engineering teams to move faster and iterate more effectively.

With CloudBees Feature Management you can help your organization accelerate, build, scale, and deliver release applications at the speed your business needs, without compromising safety.

What is a feature flag?

Feature flags are software implementations where you can disable features in software without changing the source code or redeploying the feature. These can often be called feature toggles, release toggles, or feature flippers. The features flag takes the form of simple conditional expressions (e.g. "if" - " if "). This feature flag determines when a code execution takes place. This allows you to deploy a new feature(s) that will not make users visible.

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Feature flag system with CloudBees Feature Management

New features are now a less stressful experience for the development team and end-users. Scaling and tracking feature flags doesn't have to be a labor-intensive and manual process. Discover how with CloudBees Feature Management you can enable your organization to innovate faster, shorten feedback loops all while delivering predictable features that work as intended and meet user needs.

Discover the art of best practices with feature flags

Discover the lifecycle of feature flags, master their effective use, grasp their role in software development, and unlock their value in CI/CD pipelines.

Understanding the Feature Flag Lifecycle

Discover the life cycle of feature flags, from inception to retirement. Uncover expert strategies for effectively managing flag complexity while reaping the full benefits of this powerful feature.

Where Do the Flags Go?

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Feature Flags for the Non-Developer

Discover the concept of feature flags and their role in accelerating software development while mitigating risks. Unveil the efficiency and reliability they bring to the table.

The Value of Feature Flags in CI/CD

Feature flags provide considerable flexibility for feature deployment and product management decisions, while also playing a vital role in continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines.

The Top 5 Use Cases for Feature Flags

Unveil the five primary use cases of feature flags and the remarkable value they bring.

Use cases and benefits for flags for feature releases

The use of toggle feature can have many beneficial outcomes. Feature flags can provide a way to quickly change features when they are not needed and to mitigate risks of bad feature releases. It's sometimes very hard to simulate the production environment during staging. Feature toggles are useful for testing functions for new features while minimizing risk. Flag features also encourage trunk development, thereby, merging problems with divergence of code paths can be prevented.

Feature and benefits of feature flagging system

Feature flagging include its ability to enable developers to decouple code deployment from feature release, allowing for smoother and more controlled feature rollouts. Feature flags also provide the flexibility to toggle features on and off without redeploying code, facilitating A/B testing and phased feature releases. Additionally, feature flagging enhances risk mitigation by enabling quick rollbacks in case of issues or bugs, ensuring a more stable and resilient software development process.

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Feature flagging provides many benefits for developers because there are multiple means of implementation. Flags are widely used, including:

Progressive Feature Rollout

Conducting experiments by toggling features across user segments to assess the impact and effectiveness of modifications.

A/B Testing

Running experiments by toggling features for different user segments to measure the impact and effectiveness of changes.

Rollback Capabilities

Rapidly revert features by toggling flags off in response to unexpected issues or negative user feedback, all without requiring code modifications.

Reduced Deployment Risk

By decoupling feature releases when you deploy code, you can minimize the chance of bugs or regressions creeping in.

Enhanced Team Collaboration

Streamlining teamwork among development, QA, and product teams through structured feature releases and experimentation.

Feature Customization

Dynamic feature configuration based on user attributes for personalized experiences and targeted deployments.

Manage the feature lifecycle

Controlling which features can be accessed allows engineering teams to monitor their whole lifecycle and improve the functionality. A feature flag could make certain features a little less public for testing before they are released. Or it is possible to time a release to match a campaign without any deployment of any kind or engineering. Turn on the flag, and you'll be able to see the features live without worrying about any failures or delays.

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"CloudBees Feature Management has really allowed our development team to be more flexible and more responsive to user needs in a way that was unfathomable before. It is something that has had an astronomical, positive impact for our organization as a whole and that’s passed on to our users."

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