CloudBees Newsletter January: Technical Tuesdays

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Technical Tuesday, January 2024 Edition

Welcome to Technical Tuesday where we will share some buzz-worthy highlights and give you updates on the latest items we have released over the past month!  From How to videos, webinars, docs, and blogs- check out what’s happening in the hive at CloudBees. 

For this LEAP into the new year, we will talk about the latest updates in CloudBees CI including CasC and Pipeline Explorer improvements, in addition to diving into some details with the new DevSecOps platform. 

See latest enhancements based on your feedback!

Git your config with Everything as Code! CloudBees CI CasC simplifies management, auditing, and scaling of configurations for multiple controllers by shared services/platform teams and Jenkins admins. It also automates CasC management at scale.

  • Validation Improvements

    New endpoint and CLI command that provides a JSON object containing a list of validations and additional details for each validation

  • Bundle Update timing

    Configure how controllers respond to new CasC bundles in your CloudBees CI instance

  • OC Bundle Retriever Improvements

    Include log files from casc-retriever and init-container sidecar in support bundles, the old status endpoint now serves as a health check, providing info on instances being up and connected, new secured config endpoint offers retriever's config properties

Git your config with Everything as Code!

Enhancements to CloudBees Pipeline Explorer in CloudBees CI

Your reviews are in! For those of you who haven’t played around with this new logviewer yet- check out the attached video or docs to see what it’s about. For those who have - here’s some items we added based on feedback:

  • Searching Enhancements

    Admin defined maximum size for search, added a search timeout of 1 minute, overall/filtered log index size now displayed

  • UX Improvements

    Expanding to full size now stays in same browser tab Hover over progress bar for rounded estimated time remaining, improved compatibility with HA/HS and saving preferences

Binge-worthy How-To videos for a healthier controller in the New Year

Since it is the New Year, it is a time to focus on the health choices and try to adhere to them for more than 3 weeks. In that spirit - let’s take some steps to a healthier controller.

How to Clean Up Old Jenkins Builds

Get a quick intro on cleaning up Jenkins builds with an overview on how to view a pipeline job with full history retention, add buildDiscarder, Global Build, Configure, and Force Run specific build discarder.

Remove Inactive items

Get a quick intro on how to remove inactive items, documentation review, how to configure and enable Inactive items, options for downloading the report, and how long items have been inactive in the operations center.

Garbage Collection

Get a quick overview on Configuring Garbage Collection with a demo on the Review controller running Java 8, followed by how to upgrade controller to Java 11, and review values and reconfigure garbage collection setting.

Give me more!

Blogs, Webinars, and other buzziness you may have missed this month


Introduction to flow metrics

Learn how to configure flow metrics within the CloudBees platform using a Jira integration to make more decisive decisions by showing the rate of value delivery concerning desired business outcomes.

DevOps World Tour - CloudBees CI update for Jenkins announced

At the 2023 DevOps World Tour, we announced the biggest update for Jenkins in a decade. We've now got Jenkins controllers running in active-active high availability mode and supporting horizontal scaling. Let's dive into the details!

DevOps World Keynote - 2023

Our CPO (Shawn Ahmed) and Director of Product Management (Runxia Ye) introduce what’s new at CloudBees. The first half is on the new DevSecOps platform. In the second half (~11:45 min in), Runxia walks you through a day in the life of an admin and developer using CI, highlighting the latest features.

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