Technical Success Management

Maximize Your Technology Investment

CloudBees Technical Success Managers (TSMs) are continuous delivery experts who ensure CloudBees enterprise solutions meet and evolve with your business needs. TSMs work collaboratively with your development, QA, operations teams and experts at CloudBees, as required, to strategically plan for successful continuous delivery strategies and help you realize optimal performance and growth.

A CloudBees TSM provides proactive guidance based on in-depth knowledge of your unique technical environment, industry best practices and current and future CloudBees solutions. A TSM has specialized knowledge of the CloudBees product family.

Proactive Support

Build a relationship with an adviser and advocate through regularly scheduled reviews.

Your TSM is dedicated to helping you maximize your investment in your CloudBees subscription. The TSM provides proactive advice and guidance to help you identify and address potential problems before they occur. Should a problem arise, the TSM will engage our best resources, as needed, to help resolve issue as quickly as possible and with minimal disruption to your business.

Personalized for Your Organization

A TSM is assigned by matching your technical profile with our engineer’s product and industry expertise. The engineer, once assigned, shares knowledge with your team through strategic and operational planning sessions. Your team will stay informed through a convenient, single point of contact. 

Build a Relationship with a Technical Partner Who is Knowledgeable About Your Ecosystem

Your TSM is uniquely positioned to proactively help plan the best technical solution that meets your short- and long-term continuous delivery goals and mitigates risk to your current ecosystem. When you are ready for a new technology solution, the TSM will help assess the best course of action and work with ecosystem partners to meet your business needs. Your TSM also gives you visibility and access to the latest CloudBees technology and development plans, such as upcoming product betas and personalized roadmaps.

Deploy with Confidence

The depth of knowledge that your TSM has about your technical environment, current and future CloudBees products and CloudBees partner relationships, gives you the added advantage of minimizing risk and gaining efficiency with each new deployment.

TSMs are able to leverage the experience and best practices of similar industries and infrastructures. They apply that expertise to ensure maximum performance and uptime.

Leverage the Combination of CloudBees Expertise and Industry Relationships

Your TSM is a direct link to the support organization and your advocate within CloudBees. With a TSM as your designated resource, you have a single point of contact for access to product management and engineering. Your TSM has an in-depth knowledge of your technical environment, backed by the relationships that CloudBees maintains with its partners and the open source community. If a multi-vendor or open source software issue does occur, your TSM is the single point of contact for getting a resolution.​

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