Software Delivery Management

Solving challenging problems for organizations - continuously delivering software efficiently across all teams, tools and technologies while integrating wider business functions.

Linking All Teams and Tools With Common Data for a Unified Process

Break down silos

Unify information across tools and teams for full visibility into your organization’s end-to-end software delivery process

Empower teams

Embrace best-in-class tools and access information to improve collaboration, efficiency and develop great software

Measure business impact

Deliver quality software that engages with customers, produces positive results and achieves business goals

The Four Pillars of Software Delivery Management

Common data - All information within software delivery activity is captured and stored in a common data model to facilitate connected processes, shared insights and collaboration. Universal insights - Visibility and insights enable understanding and continuous learning from data across all functions throughout and up-and-down in the organization. Common connected processes - Processes orchestrate software delivery and connect functions together to efficiently bring ideas to market with maximum value and adoption. All functions collaborating - All functions and teams within and around the software delivery organization work together to amplify value creation efforts. CloudBees is the only provider building a solution that integrates all these components to link tools, teams and processes, resulting in software delivery becoming a core business process.

Make Software Delivery a Core Business Process

Adopting Software Delivery Management practices will enable your organization to become a product-first, software-led company. CloudBees offers a flexible platform linking teams and tools across the organization, enabling visibility, collaboration and governance through a unified process with common data, to help developers build stuff that matters. System of Record - Link data from tools and processes in a single place from throughout the existing DevOps toolchain. There is no rip and replace of existing tools required in order to use CloudBees. Reporting Engine - Get full visibility and actionable insights from data across the toolchain. Policy Management - Define rules to govern SDLC and supporting processes. App Framework - Create APIs to extend integration to other tools in the toolchain.


Software Delivery Management is a game changer

Learn how CI/CD will evolve to the next level, as adoption of Software Delivery Management occurs.

The benefits of Software Delivery Management

Empower software developers with stronger collaboration ability across the organization.

DevOps meets Software Delivery Management

DevOps has branched out beyond developers and operations to stakeholders and business leaders.

Breaking down silos to improve software delivery

Organizations are succeeding with DevOps and CI/CD. But silos exist between IT and the business.