Software Delivery Management

Software Delivery Management

Software Delivery Management solves the most challenging problems for organizations - continuously delivering software efficiently across all teams, tools, and technologies while integrating wider business functions.

Software delivery has come a long way, but it’s still fragmented. Organizations need a way to eliminate silos, to truly realize their vision of becoming software-first, product-led companies.

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Turn software delivery into a core business process

While most DevOps teams have made significant strides through the implementation of CI/CD and application release orchestration (ARO) to power software delivery, many organizations still operate with siloed development and delivery teams that are disconnected from broader business functions.

Disparate and disconnected tools and processes within, across and beyond the DevOps toolchain also get in the way of the organization treating software delivery as a core business process and enabling value creation efforts to create maximum business impact.

CloudBees is responding to this challenge by introducing a set of capabilities to support SDM that bi-directionally tie together all artifacts and data across an organization’s DevOps toolchain into a unified system of record. Doing so enables meaningful collaboration between all teams through universal insights, common connected processes, workflows and governance to truly develop and deliver software at an elite level.

Feature delivery with Software Delivery Management
Foundational pillars of Software Delivery Management

Foundational pillars of Software Delivery Management

This one system is supported by foundational pillars derived from Software Delivery Management (SDM):

  1. Common data
    All information within and around software delivery activity is captured and stored with a consistent domain model to enable and facilitate connected processes, shared insights and collaboration.
  2. Universal insights
    Visibility and insights enable understanding and continuous learning from data across, up-and-down throughout all functions in the organization.
  3. Common connected processes
    Processes orchestrate software delivery and connect functions together to efficiently bring ideas to market with max value and adoption.
  4. All functions collaborating
    All functions and teams within and around the software delivery organization work together to amplify value creation efforts.

CloudBees is the only provider building a solution that breaks down the information silos inherent in software delivery today, to connect product stakeholders and development teams with the intelligence and insights needed to manage product and feature delivery as a core business practice - leading to increased customer adoption and better outcomes for the business.

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