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CloudBees Technical Success Management Program (TSMP)

Connect software delivery to business outcomes faster.

Empowering software delivery teams to be their best

CloudBees Technical Success Management Program (TSMP) is a DevOps consulting service that helps organizations meet the moment by creating software delivery systems that continuously advance customer experience and business performance. DevOps Consultants partner with your teams to drive operational success, align solutions to outcomes, and enable DevOps platforming as the prevailing strategy.

Drive operational success

Ready to support customer success, product and engineering liaisons.

Align solutions to outcomes

Experts in aligning software delivery goals with the business.

Enable DevOps platforming

Enabling the advancement of the customer experiences and business performance.

TSMP Areas of Focus

Supporting your customer journey by partnering with you to support your excellency to strive in these areas:

Product and Technical

Advisory for architectures, roadmaps, and best practices.


Model and measure software delivery effectiveness, and maturity KPIs.


Adoption strategy and planning, goal alignment, training.


Platform iteration, customer support escalation & review, request for enhancement coordination.

Who We Are

Platform and Product Experts

We built the tools, now we can teach customers how to use them.

Advocates for Your Success

Our success is yours with support and product engineering teams.

Experienced with Complex Environments

We drive adoption within complex dev environments.


We accelerate time to value by enabling quick adoption across the organization.

Experts in Software Delivery

Informed and ready to help you take advantage of industry trends.

What We Do

Adoption Planning

Accelerate the adoption of new technology, processes, and services to help your company achieve its goals faster.

Best Practices and Feature Release Sessions

Our team - technology professionals themselves - work with you to establish best practices and evolve them as new technology is released.


CloudBees experts work with your team to design, build, and optimize the effectiveness of your platform.

Architecture Reviews

Manage changes in your tech stack with confidence as we work with you to assure positive alignment and risk reduction.

Migration and Upgrade Planning

Resume operations quickly and realize the benefits of migrations and upgrades as we review and facilitate these transitions.

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