CloudBees Flow Continues to Innovate – with the Industry’s First Native, Push-Button Rolling Deployments

As businesses today are required to release software more frequently and with limited service interruption to their users, advanced deployment strategies – such as Blue/Green deployments, Canary, and Rolling Deployments – have emerged to enable IT to reliably deploy mission-critical applications at scale.

As a significant upgrade to what is otherwise supported with cumbersome scripting and highly-specialized and high-risk procedures, the new version of CloudBees Flow makes Rolling Deployments fully automated, error-free, and simple to use.

  • Make large-scale, mission-critical application releases safe, reliable and repeatable
  • Move rolling deploys from “scripted” to “modeled”
  • Define automatic or manual grouping of resources for each deployment phase
  • Easy to define phase order with automatic or manual progression through phases
  • Allows teams to “practice deployments” with high fidelity throughout the pipeline