Navigating the Post-COVID Retail Landscape with Better Software

The global pandemic has made it clearer than ever that retailers must be aligned with evolving market changes in order to meet customers’ expectations. How can retail make a transition in the coming years to keep up with the changing shopping behavior of their customers? It is all about reinventing and reimagining retail.

Join Wijnand Jongen, President of Ecommerce Europe and bestseller author of “The End of Online Shopping: the future of retail in an always connected world” and Nick Rendall, Product Marketing Manager at CloudBees to learn about the role software and enterprise progressive delivery plays into enabling a future-ready retail landscape. 

Watch this on-demand recording, where we discuss: 

  • If changing consumer behavior in a post-COVID era is here to stay

  • How platforms are changing the retail landscape

  • How progressive delivery of software enables better features faster

  • The shift to feature-first organizations and the impact on retail growth

Watch On-Demand

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Wijnand Jongen | President, Ecommerce Europe

Nick Rendall | Product Marketing - Feature Management, CloudBees