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Orchestrating DevSecOps for Government: Automating Security as an On-Ramp to Making DevOps a Reality

Have you been tasked with “doing DevOps” but aren’t sure where to start? Everyone wants greater DevOps maturity, but many aren’t sure how to make that goal a reality. Embracing DevSecOps – incorporating security into development – is a smart way to put DevOps into practice.

Not only is security part of every agency’s mission, but pushing security “to the left” so it’s built into the development process is a tangible way for agencies to start “doing DevOps.” Most importantly, taking advantage of automation and orchestration tools can result in fewer vulnerabilities being released into production, thereby strengthening security posture and decreasing performance problems that cause outages and tie up security teams.

This on-demand webinar will give CloudBees and Jenkins use cases a “DevSecOps twist” by discussing how to use CloudBees to embed security functions and controls throughout the software development cycle.

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