Custom Update Center Plugin


Today, it is very hard to have governance and ensure compliance of plugins and binaries across teams. Teams developing products often end up working with different versions of plugins or binaries, especially if they are using different Jenkins masters. The version mismatch results in subtle failures in the application that are discovered late in the development cycle. Debugging and solving these issues is difficult and time consuming.

Teams get around this problem by documenting the “blessed” version of plugins or binaries. However, this solution is rarely enforceable. The more advanced solution is to host their own update center; today, this is a cumbersome and error-prone process.


The Custom Update Centers plugin offered within the CloudBees Jenkins Platform allows administrators to create their own update centers very easily. Administrators set-up their update centers and optionally inherit from “blessed” update centers. They can upload plugins and optionally specify the version of the plugin that is available to downstream Jenkins instances. With this plugin, administrators have an enforceable mechanism to share plugins/binaries between teams.

Thus, this plugin provides an enforceable governance mechanism to ensure compliance of plugins and binaries used across projects and teams.