Feature Management

Release, Control, and Measure Features at Scale

Innovate faster with less risk using CloudBees Feature Management, an enterprise feature flag management solution integrated across the CloudBees software delivery platform.

Effortless Feature Deployment with CloudBees Feature Management

CloudBees Feature Management offers a robust platform that simplifies and refines your deployment process. With capabilities ranging from targeted feature releases, environment management, and split rollouts, to seamless integration with Jenkins and Slack, our platform is designed to enhance your continuous delivery maturity. Craft and test feature flags locally, schedule flag releases, and stay informed with comprehensive audit logs. Streamline your release process, reduce risk, and elevate your enterprise's continuous delivery with CloudBees Feature Management.

Developer-friendly workflows

Bi-directional configuration as code with GitHub allows developers to edit flags in their preferred environments.

Deliver features progressively

Integrating with end-user analytics tools reduces risk and focuses on delivering value.

Accelerate CI/CD

Enabling trunk-based development, safe testing in production, and feature-level release granularity helps teams move faster and deliver more frequently.

Scale feature flags effectively

Manage feature flag permissions, automate flag cleanup, and provide flag control across the rest of your CI/CD toolchain.

Key Resources


Progressive Delivery

Take a look at progressive delivery and how it can help your company bring more powerful products to market faster.


Five Keys to Enterprise Progressive Delivery

Learn five essentials for building a repeatable progressive delivery practice at an enterprise scale and start adopting, embracing, and benefiting from enterprise progressive delivery.


Feature Flags Across CI/CD

Feature flags are a key tool that you need to make your CI/CD pipeline work better. Feature management helps your team shepherd features through your pipeline safely, quickly, and effectively.

CloudBees: Leader in Feature Management

Revolutionize your Feature Flag implementation with CloudBees' Feature Management solution.

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