CloudBees CD/RO

Orchestrate Your Releases at Scale

Securely unite and advance DevOps teams, tools, and workflows across the enterprise.

CloudBees CD/RO

Optimize your release process

CloudBees automates the deployments and orchestrates releases to provide complete end-to-end transparency.  The result is faster releases, improved collaboration, and a governed release process across your entire software development lifecycle.

Cost Savings


Annual release efficiency savings

Dev Productivity


Hours unlocked to focus on innovation

Risk Reduced


Reduced error rates through automation

CloudBees CD/RO Features

Key Capabilities for CloudBees CD/RO

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Deployment automation

Replace brittle scripts to enable predictable, repeatable, automated deployments through model driven deployments.

Release orchestration

Coordinate across all tools, environments, and applications to streamline your software delivery process management.

Analytics and insights

Access centralized insights to improve release effectiveness and align software delivery with business outcomes.

Continuous governance

Automate evidence collection with traceability across all objects. Enables teams to always know the exact status of a release and can generate audit reports on demand.

Smart quality gates

Ensure only authorized code reaches production using entry/exit gates and automated rollbacks.

Dependency management

Top-down visibility into the dependency hierarchy across all releases to quickly provide status, progress, and identify bottlenecks.

GitOps-based workflows

Manage everything as code: pipelines, policies, configurations, and more as an alternative to a UI-driven experience.

Self-service templates

Expedite onboarding of new teams and applications with reusable best practices through our internal developer portal.

Senior Manager, Quality Engineering
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“CloudBees has enabled us to implement quality gates (through automation) as a part of our pipeline which will allow us to measure software quality, objectively using a metric-driven approach.”
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