White Source

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An open source component management tool

The WhiteSource open source management tool identifies new open source components as soon as they are introduced into your software project.

WhiteSource also identifies all the dependencies of your newly included open source components, complete with all licenses, security vulnerabilities, version information, etc.

The system continuously gathers and analyzes open source libraries information and categorizes it based on a variety of risk factors and compliance requirements.

So, with WhiteSource you can:

  1. Automatically and seamlessly manage and control the use of open source components in your software, as part of the development process
  2. Be alerted on dependencies, licensing requirements and security alerts related to your project’s open source components
  3. Define organizational open source policies and enforce them as part of the R&D process
  4. Automatically produce release notes documentation required by common licenses
  5. Instantly provide a complete license report to auditors, investors, partners, or customers

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