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Continuous and cost-effective automated mobile and web testing

Radically Different Mobile and Web Testing

We’re driven by a radical idea: Make powerful testing and analysis accessible to anyone. Do it in the cloud. Make it visual and far less complex. The SOASTA platform, products and services are like no one else’s—and we think that’s cool.


SOASTA’s mobile app and web site test automation solution enables developers, QA professionals and IT operations teams to test and measure with unprecedented speed, scale and precision. The SOASTA Platform for Jenkins includes CloudTest for load and performance at any scale, and TouchTest for precision functional test automation on real devices.


Our products are delivered as turnkey services, hosted in the cloud, or as on-premise software. The best way to get started is with CloudTest Lite, which includes both CloudTest and TouchTest capabilities. Totally free, developers and testers can automate functional testing for mobile and web as well as run load tests up to 100 concurrent users. With the first Jenkins plugin for functional automation on real devices, 100% hands-free automation with real mobile devices is a few clicks away!

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SOASTA solutions are supported 24x7 by SOASTA’s online community, CloudLink. A wealth of documentation and training videos are here, plus it is monitored by SOASTA’s Engineering team, Professional Services staff and the worldwide community of CloudTest and TouchTest users.

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