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100% automatically convert your Cobol/3270 to Java/html and run it in the cloud

Your Cobol applications are rock-solid, proven by years of reliable operations.

You want to run them in the cloud to optimize their TCO and increase their reach via Internet. Eranea delivers Cobol2Cloud, a suite of tools to:

  • convert 100% automatically the legacy programs to Java and their 3270 UI to html/ajax
  • run the transcoded programs on Tomcat or JBoss, as provided by CloudBees
  • produce the exact same results at all levels in Java programs: source code structure, UI ergonomics and computation outcomes even in complex financial algorithms

With Cobol2Cloud, you will leverage the CloudBees PaaS by setting up the “transcoding factory” on DEV@CloudBees and by running the transcoded applications on RUN@CloudBees.

Want to experience your seasoned Cobol application on the browser of your favorite tablet? Or need to satisfy pressing requirements of your boss for savings? Get in touch: or

More Information

  • Cobol2Cloud detailed description and usage guide
  • For support, please contact Eranea: