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The world’s biggest conference for Jenkins users, by Jenkins users. Come learn how to optimize Jenkins across the software delivery process!

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July 16
InterContinental David Tel Aviv
12 Kaufman Street
Tel Aviv    61501


Kohsuke Kawaguchi
Keynote Speaker

The Jenkins User Conference was one day packed with Jenkins insight, knowledge and inspiration. See the agenda and the slides from the conference below.


The Jenkins User Conference


Time (IST)Session
08:00—09:00 Registration (Light Breakfast)
09:00—09:30 Welcome and Announcements
   Keynote Address and Opening Remarks by Kohsuke Kawaguchi, Founder, Jenkins Project
Modern Continuous Integration and Distribution in the Cloud
Yoav Landman, JFrog
11:00—11:30 Coffee Break
   Track One:
Docker at HP (next generation of development environment, continuous integration & delivery)
Adam Spektor, HP
  Track Two:
Lightning Talks
VMware SaaS Platform - Lightweight Hardening tool
Kiril Nesenko, VMware
Get 360° insights for your application
Yariv Louck, Microsoft
Leverage logs to accelerate application time-to-market
Barry Bisson, Sumologic
   Track Three:
Jenkins Workflow - the Glue that Connects All Pieces Together and the Center of it All
Noam Shochat, eToro
   Track One:
VMware SaaS platform – Seamlessly Manage, Deliver and Scale – DevOps trends
Dani Matzlavi, VMware
   Track Two:
The Secret to Scaling Test Automation w/ Jenkins & JMeter
Refael Botbol, Blazemeter
   Track Three:
Everything You Wanted to Know About Embeding Async, Concurrent HTTP library in Jenkins
Shiran Rubin, JFrog
13:15—14:00 Lunch
   Track One:
Unified Infra for Dev/Test and Jenkins Integration Testing (Docker/Vagrant)
Maxim Guenis, Supersonic
   Track Two:
Bringing CD @ Cloud-Scale with Jenkins, Docker, and 'Tiger'
Kohsuke Kawaguchi, CloudBees
   Track Three:
Optimising the Jenkins Pipeline - a DSL for Greasing the Continuous Delivery Machine
Robert Cowham, Perforce
   Track One:
Git Workflow Automation
Moshe Jacobs, Fundbox
   Track Two:
Grooving with Jenkins
Anton Weiss, Primary Data
Track Three:
Introducing Automated Security Testing To Your Jenkins Server
Itai Heller, CheckMarx
15:30—15:45 Coffee Break
   Track One:
Modern Delivery Pipeline for Microservices Based Applications
Arie Zilberstein, SalesForce
   Track Two:
Jenkins Slave Cloud with Apache Mesos
Klaus Azesberger and Reinhard Kiesswetter, Infonova GmbH
   Track Three:
CI in the Docker World
Eli Oxman, Alooma
   Track One:
One Tool to Rule Them ALL: Fabric, Your New Best (DevOps) Friend.
Eyal Edri, RedHat
Track Two:
Hit The Butler - Open discussion
Kohsuke Kawaguchi, Founder, Jenkins
  Track Three:
Lightning Talks
Modern Continuous Integration and Delivery: Blazing Fast, Full Control.
Eyal Ben Moshe, JFrog
Integrating Jenkins with ELK (ElasticSearch, Logstash and Kibana) stack.
Boaz Shuster, RedHat
Continuous Delivery is not a Commodity.
Anton Wiess, otomato
17:15 After Party - Beer and Blues