DevOps + Financial Services

Software delivery that’s fast, resilient, repeatable, and quickly auditable

Ready to find out how CloudBees can help your company stop dreading audits, while delivering software faster and more securely?

With CloudBees Software Delivery Platform, we can support your individual roles:

  • Audit and Compliance Officers - Auditing becomes a non-event. Fully automated and secure audit-ready pipelines give you reports of trustable data with a single click

  • Release Managers - Get shared visibility and control over all your applications and their dependencies—across multiple complex applications, release pipelines, and environments

  • Security Teams - Orchestrate software testing and approval, enforce the use of immutable objects from a common repository, and utilize a kill switch to instantly mitigate production issues

  • Change Managers - Integrate with your ticketing system to categorize changes by risk; automate creation, update, and approval of change tickets; and auto-approve low-risk changes as appropriate

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