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Federal Government

Government agencies like these rely on CloudBees.

What can government agencies accomplish with CloudBees?

Achieve continuous authorization/ATO

CloudBees allows government software teams to deliver trustworthy software delivery pipelines—and for their security teams to more easily grant ATO because they comply with organizational policy.

Deliver secure software faster

Accelerate software delivery while staying secure at every stage. CloudBees enables automatic security checks and instant mitigation of flawed code—no need to redeploy.

Pass audits with flying colors

Automate audit reporting and real-time tracking, tracing and approval of software from code through production. Fully automated and secure pipelines give you reports of trustable data with a single click.

Eliminate back-and-forth between teams

Security teams gain transparency and useful insights at every step of the software development life cycle—without waiting for developers to generate and share reports post-development.

Experiment freely—with guard rails

Sleep easy, knowing governance, regulatory and security standards are being met—thanks to a self-service catalog of secure, compliant components, entrance and exit gates and more.

Transform into elite-performing teams

Audit and GRC functions become non-events so your teams can focus on innovating and adding value.


Discover Top Challenges Experienced by Federal Agencies while Transitioning to cATO

Review the summary of our recent roundtable discussion with government leaders about their experiences with the ATO process, the role of an Authorizing Official (AO), as well as the challenges of transitioning to a continuous ATO model.

CloudBees Software Delivery Platform

Continuous Integration

Integrate and automate the build, test and packaging of code to artifacts.

Continuous Delivery

Eliminate scripts and automate deployment pipelines while verifying performance, quality and security.

Release Orchestration

Take the manual effort and risk out of releasing software by making the process repeatable and secure at any speed or scale. Leverage analytics to measure, audit and improve results.

Feature Flags and Management

Release and manage new features rapidly at scale. Share common visibility and governance of flags across the entire SDLC.

DevOps Analytics

Devops analytics that provides a single source of truth for real-time visibility into your software delivery performance.

Value Stream Management

Continuously improve product delivery by instrumenting, measuring, and improving your end-to-end value stream management.


99% reduction in testing time at IRS


21,000 hours saved per year at IRS


55% of highly regulated industries within Fortune 100 use CloudBees

How CloudBees Helps Government with Compliance and Modernization

Internal Revenue Service Modernizes with Agency-wide DevOps Initiative

To modernize software development programs and increase productivity, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service adopted DevOps practices using the CloudBees platform.

How DevSecOps Helps the Federal Government Achieve Continuous ATO

The ATO process can pose substantial challenges, as it requires an authorizing official to pre-approve systems against a set of risk controls before putting the systems into operation. Learn how CloudBees helps federal agencies seamlessly integrate security and compliance functions into their CI/CD pipeline.

CloudBees Partnership with Federal Systems Integrators

CloudBees partners with forward-looking Federal Systems Integrators (FSIs) who are helping DevOps become "real" for governmental agencies, rather than just a buzzword. With CloudBees, FSIs can deliver an array of capabilities faster and more securely by eliminating wasteful manual effort, easily enforcing organizational policy, and accelerating the path to production. As a result, CloudBees becomes a profit center for our FSI partners— making them faster, more productive and more attractive to government customers.

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Navigating cATO Challenges

Discover the operational challenges that federal agencies confront on their journey to cATO and unlock effective solutions to address them.

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Having been part of hundreds of implementations for government and private organizations, CloudBees has observed certain software factory characteristics that are vital to achieving better quality, security, and speed of DevSecOps at scale.

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HPC environments need faster and more reliable deployments that leverage robust automation. CloudBees, the premier CI/CD and DevSecOps platform, enables complex organizations to leverage the power of an HPC environment with greater integration, standardization, and faster deployments with critical security and monitoring capabilities.

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CloudBees provides the leading DevOps platform for compliance-focused organizations. Learn how CloudBees CI/CD also supports best practices for digital engineering, managing digital twins and model-based system design.

Technical Advisor
“CloudBees accelerated the process by enabling automated connections to the agency’s testing tool, reducing testing times from 20 minutes per individual test case to about 20 minutes for the entire suite of tests.” 

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