Maximizing Returns: How CloudBees Powers Profits and Efficiency

Explore the transformative impact of CloudBees on business success, revealing significant cost savings and benefits. Discover how CloudBees drives efficiency, compliance, and innovation in CI/CD.

Unlock the full potential of CloudBees: Transforming CI/CD for Cost Savings and Strong ROI

Learn how CloudBees enables cost savings and benefits for enterprises through CI/CD automation. CloudBees commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a study that shows a $38.2 million savings over three years and an ROI of 426% for a composite organization representative of CloudBees customers. Discover how CloudBees streamlines DevOps processes across industries for enhanced productivity and compliance.

See the summary of benefits organizations can realize from CI/CD automation using CloudBees software. The benefits for the composite organization cover a three-year period:

- Savings from reduced outages: $10.6 million
- Savings from deployment automation: $27.5 million
- Overall savings: $38.2 million
- Return on investment: 426%

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Spotlight on Highly Regulated Industries

CloudBees Enables Organizations In Highly Regulated Industries To Streamline DevOps Processes For Automated Governance, Security Integration, and Flexibility To Scale

The Forrester TEI study highlights the crucial need for robust CI/CD solutions in industries such as pharmaceuticals, financial services, and telecom to address challenges like compliance, standardization, stability, and scalability. Learn how the CloudBees software can enable companies in heavily regulated industries to achieve enhanced DevOps productivity, improved deployment frequencies, and adherence to compliance frameworks.


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Solution Brief

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Spotlight on Technology and Software

CloudBees Empowers Technology and Software Organizations to Save Costs By Reducing Outages and Enabling Deployment Automation

The Forrester TEI study emphasizes the critical need for CI/CD in the technology industry to address the issues these companies face, such as lack of standardization, stability, and scalability in software delivery. Telecom organizations also face integration challenges and productivity losses, leading to frequent outages and increased costs. Not insignificant for tech companies is also the need to quickly innovate and deliver new functionality. Adopting CloudBees for CI/CD can enable these organizations to streamline processes, reduce outages, and increase deployment frequencies, significantly boosting overall efficiency and accelerating software delivery.


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