Steve Pereira
Visible Value Stream Consulting
Shaaron Alvares
Mitch Ashley
Wesley Pullen
Anders Wallgren

Value Stream Thinking

Teams everywhere are beginning to adopt Value Stream Thinking as a foundational element of their DevOps strategy. These organizations are seeing incredible clarity and alignment driven by Value Stream visualization and focus.

Watch this on-demand recording, where we discuss:

  • The benefits of Value Stream Thinking and techniques

  • Why VSM is the next logical step on your DevOps journey

  • How orgs should go about implementing it 

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Keynote Speaker

Steve Pereira | Founder, Visible Value Stream Consulting

Steve Pereira is obsessed with making tech human, and helping software delivery teams level up. He is the founder of Visible - boosting team performance with the Visible Value Delivery Program. Previously, he has been founding CTO of Statflo, and a lifetime workflow automator. He also leads the 6000+ member Toronto DevOps community with a regular meetup, events, and annual conference.

Shaaron Alvares | Manager, Enterprise Agility, Disney

Shaaron Alvares works as an Enterprise Agility Manager at Disney. She has a global work experience leading product, organizational and cultural transformation across technology, aerospace, automotive, finance and telecom industries within various global Fortune 500 companies in Europe and the US. She introduced lean product and software development practices and has led significant lean and DevOps practices adoption at, Expedia, Microsoft and T-Mobile. Speaker, trainer and writer, she is an editor at InfoQ and a DevOps Advocate at the DevOps Institute. Shaaron published her M.Phil. and Ph.D. theses with the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). 

Mitch Ashley | CEO and Managing Analyst, ASG

Wesley Pullen | Field Chief Technology Officer, CloudBees

Wesley joined CloudBees in 2019 as an area vice president before becoming the field chief technology officer in 2020. At CloudBees, Wesley and his team shape product priorities and direction. Prior to joining the company, Wesley served as the chief strategy officer for Electric Cloud which was successfully acquired by CloudBees in 2019, and held leadership positions at CollabNet (not, Automic Software (now Broadcom), BMC Software, Department of Defense, and IBM. 

A seasoned technology professional, Wesley is respected in the industry for shaping digital transformation initiatives, surpassing new feature capabilities within emerging technologies, and for his wealth of knowledge in continuous integration, continuous delivery, release orchestration, value stream management, analytics, and more. He is currently an executive advisor and board member for xtype and holds advisory positions for several other global technology companies. Wesley holds a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from the University of Pittsburgh.


Anders Wallgren | Vice President of Technology Strategy, CloudBees

Anders Wallgren is vice president, technology strategy at CloudBees. Anders brings with him over 30 years of in-depth experience designing and building commercial software. Prior to joining CloudBees, Anders held executive positions at Electric Cloud, Aceva, Archistra, and Impresse.