Modernize Software Delivery and Manage Business Impact

It’s been ten years since the idea of DevOps was introduced, yet Dev and Ops silos still exist, injecting significant friction and waste in the end-to-end process. Moreover, most organizations still struggle to measure the business impact of IT in general and of software in particular.

Join us Thursday 18 June at 14:00 CEST as we revisit simple and powerful concepts from established categories like ERP and CRM that can be adapted to the world of software delivery to unify Dev and Ops and deliver better software, faster.

The Software Delivery Leadership Forum is a series of online, open and interactive events focused on topics related to Agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery. Every episode starts with a thirty-minute presentation by an industry expert, followed by a live audience Q&A and expanded panel discussion to encourage shared growth and learning.

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