Monday 02:00 PM - 05:30 PM UTC

Best in class software delivery, a round table discussion with ABN AMRO

Join us for a round table gathering of DevOps practitioners and leaders joining together to discuss trends and advancements defining the future of software delivery. This afternoon, we’ll share innovative ways to overcome software delivery inefficiencies and unleash the power of continuous integration through informative presentations, best practices and real-world case studies! This free 2 hour event will be followed by a very nice private boat ride through the Amsterdam canals, departing at a very exclusive location of the Harbour Club in Amsterdam.


  • 4.00pm - 6.00pm: Presentations and roundtable discussion

  • 6.00pm - 7.30pm: Private boat ride through the Amsterdam canals

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Event Speakers

Stefan Simenon portrait
Stefan Simenon

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Duncan Adamson

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Stefan Kures portrait
Stefan Kures

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Digital Transformation at ABN AMRO

Stefan Simenon will present ABN AMRO Bank's transformation to a DevOps culture supported by CI and CD process automation. He will discuss the tooling aspects and the organizational and cultural roadmines important to navigate around when implementing CI/CD. He will provide some do's and don'ts and explain how to keep moving forward when roadblocks are encountered. Finally, he will highlight the tremendous benefits the bank has realized to date from the CI/CD implementation.

Is your software delivery process driving your business forward or holding it back?

DevOps has been around for over 15 years and the benefits of a unified process across multiple teams is clear. However, enterprises still find it difficult if not impossible to make software delivery rapid, repeatable, and scalable. Now, DevOps implementation isn’t magic, and transforming into a well oiled software delivery machine doesn't happen overnight. You’ve taken the first steps but know you can do better. This session will start with an overview of common challenges in modern software delivery and highlight solutions to overcoming these challenges with focus on CI/CD as the cornerstone of DevOps practices.

In this presentation, you will learn how best-of-breed platforms, like the CloudBees platform, serve as a single source to:

  • Integrate, unify, extend, and automate the creation, build, testing, and packaging of code and artifacts. Eliminate scripts and automate end-to-end delivery workflows while verifying performance, quality, and security

  • Model, orchestrate, and visualize complex application releases and deployment models, and utilize built-in audit trails and manage deployment outcomes

  • Gain real-time visibility

  • Release and manage new features rapidly at scale, and share common visibility and governance of flags across the entire software delivery lifecycle

  • Manage continuous code and infrastructure compliance in real-time from commit through production