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CloudBees Connect

On February 9th, join CloudBees and DevOps leaders in this informative and interactive virtual event to learn about the future of software development and delivery, with an opportunity to network with like-minded peers.

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Event Speakers

Event featured speaker
Pete Hodgson
Software Delivery Consultant
Event featured speaker
Wesley Pullen
Event featured speaker
Eyal Keren

At this half-day event, you will:

  • Get a view of where modern software delivery is headed from CloudBees experts.

  • Learn the technical practices organizations use to successfully make the shift to continuous delivery.

  • See how feature flags can help expedite DevOps transformations by enhancing continuous integration and continuous delivery.

  • Hear our guest speaker’s story about starting and navigating a journey towards a true DevOps culture.

  • Participate in virtual workshops on CloudBees CI and Feature Management.

  • Network with your peers and enterprise DevOps experts on our virtual platform.

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  • 9:00am PT | 12:00pm ET

    • Welcome & Intro - Evolving Enterprise Software Delivery with Feature Flags

  • 9:20am PT | 12:20pm ET

    • How feature flags power Continuous Delivery (see below for details)

  • 10:00am PT | 1:00pm ET

    • Meet the Speaker: Ask me Anything

  • 10:30am PT | 1:30pm ET

    • Accelerating DevOps through Better Feature Flag Management (see below for details)

  • 11:00am PT | 2:00pm ET

    • Break & Speed Networking

  • 11:30am PT | 2:30pm ET

    • Workshop - CloudBees CI with Feature Management

  • 1:30pm PT | 4:30pm ET

    • Event Wrap Up and Closing

Highlighted Sessions and Workshops


How feature flags power Continuous Delivery

What is driving the industry-wide shift towards Continuous Delivery? Pete will lay out his theory: CD unlocks a fundamental competitive advantage for businesses as they increase their software’s deployment frequency and reduce batch sizes. We’ll look at the technical practices that organizations use to successfully make the shift to CD, including separating deployment from release using feature flags. We’ll learn how feature flags allow engineers to move with speed and safety. We’ll also see how feature flags unlock additional gains such as trimming down our reliance on pre-production environments, and allowing a scientific, data-driven approach to product management.

Accelerating DevOps through Better Feature Flag Management

The concepts of CI/CD are no longer new to most organizations in their DevOps transformation, even if their shift to modern software delivery practices isn’t yet complete. Scaling of tools, automation, and shifting to cloud infrastructure are all common levers for further expediting DevOps maturity, but one option many organizations haven’t considered is using feature flags as a backbone of software delivery to speed up development, de-risk releases, and further mature CI/CD practices.

This talk will cover the use cases across CI/CD impacted by feature flags, from trunk-based development to feature-level releases, and even using flags to de-risk infrastructure changes like workload migrations. Further, it will cover the technical and cultural considerations for scaling feature flags and guide attendees on how to get started within their own teams.


Workshop - CloudBees CI with Feature Management

The CloudBees CI with Feature Management workshop will provide hands-on examples that will show you how to provide highly scalable and easily manageable software delivery automation for all of your software delivery teams. At the same time, you will explore how CloudBees CI enables developers to spend less time on administrative tasks and dashboards, and more time coding. Specifically, we'll cover how CloudBees CI and CloudBees Feature Management will improve your software delivery pipelines by showing you how to:

  • Deploy and manage CloudBees CI with configuration-as-code at scale.

  • Onboard projects quickly with pre-configured templates that provide best practices, governance and standardization for CI Pipelines.

  • Reduce context switching for developer with contextual Pipeline feedback.

  • Easily collaborate across Pipelines and teams.

  • Deploy new features quickly and easily roll them back without any code changes or new deployments by leveraging feature flags.

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