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Automation, Innovation and Continuous Delivery

Wednesday, 18 June 2014 -

What if I told you Continuous Delivery with Jenkins was the key to Innovation? Choose Digital uses Jenkins to automate all of our testing and deployment. But we take Continuous Delivery one step further, and we use it as a basis to foster product innovation: What if you could turn every customer interaction into a chance to improve the product or the process? What if Continuous Delivery could make incorporating new technologies easier so that you can benefit from them faster? What if you could represent your infrastructure as code, adding flexibility that simplifies scaling and makes it easy to test potential new products and functionality directly with users? Learn how you can use Jenkins to extend the product feedback loop beyond the developer’s den and into the business team and customer’s lair. 

Mario Cruz

Co-Founder, CTO
Choose Digital

Mario Cruz is the Co-Founder and CTO of Choose Digital, a tech company offering a Digital Content Platform for music, Ebooks, movies and TV. Choose Digital supports millions of visitors each week, processes thousands of transactions every day and competes successfully with Amazon and Apple/iTunes. Cruz is also a recipient of Frost & Sullivan’s 2014 CIO Impact Award for Cloud Computing & Best in Class using Jenkins and the CloudBees Platform as a Service.

Mario Cruz

Helping Enterprises Scale Their Jenkins Software Practices and Tools

Wednesday, 18 June 2014 -

Jenkins may start small in a company, but it often spreads across departments faster than a virus. And the bigger the installation, the more care you need to take in setting up your Jenkins infrastructure. In this talk, we’ll teach you our top ten best practices that enterprises can use to get the most out of Jenkins. As part of the discussion, we’ll share a few case studies from companies who have implemented Jenkins on a large scale: supporting dozens of development teams, hundreds of applications and thousands of builds per month. We’ll also give you our list of top five most useful plugins for your Jenkins installation, and teach you our favorite tips on how to jump-start on your Jenkins installation/optimization. If you have a specific problem or question, bring it along for our Q&A board!

Rich Duncan

Black Diamond Software, Inc.

Leveraging his quarter century of experience helping organizations improve their software development practices, Rich leads a team of 50+ IT professionals. Rich has delivered enterprise process improvement initiatives, enterprise tooling roll-outs and software development projects for half the Fortune 100 and many others throughout North America. He is an expert in industry leading proprietary and open source ALM tool stacks, associated best practices and agile processes. One day he will be delivering a client’s new iOS app to Apple’s iTunes App Store, the next he’ll be at Apple modernizing the ALM best practices for the App Store itself.

Stairway to Heaven: Ten Best Practices for Enterprise Continuous Delivery with Jenkins

Wednesday, 18 June 2014 -

Continuous delivery helps you release more, more often, for less. This year it’s high on the C-Level agenda and so it should be - it’s a game changer for IT. The journey for enterprises to adopt and embed continuous delivery practices into their organization is fraught with peril, but fortunately Jenkins paves the way. To help you ascend your stairway to continuous delivery heaven, here are ten tips for using Jenkins to line up your developers, operations teams, processes and tools. Make sure you don’t trip! Come learn the most important considerations as you embark on your first step.

Alex Manly

VP Product Development

Alex is VP Product Development at MidVision. He has over 15 years’ product development, consulting and enterprise scale IT automation transformation experience. He is a recognized domain expert in continuous integration and delivery including many of the open source and commercial toolsets used to help Developers and Operations Teams get things done. He has been instrumental in helping MidVision to be recognized globally for RapidDeploy, the leading enterprise application release automation platform. He has worked with many global customers across financial services, healthcare, government and retail to help with achieving their continuous delivery and DevOps goals.

Alex Manly