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Jenkins + Gitlab + RabbitMQ + Symfony2 + Phing

Wednesday, 18 June 2014 -

We have used the power of Jenkins to build our Symfony2 Application, send a message using RabbitMQ to a consumer in the app ready to re-deploy itself. Jenkins builds are triggered by creating and accepting merge requests inside of GitLab. Jenkins, GitLab and the app are all deployed in Digital Ocean.

Brandon Mueller

Web Developer

Brandon Mueller is a web developer for K12 Services, Inc. in Rockville, MD. He has been working with various web technologies since the late 90’s. He is relatively new to Jenkins but has been using Jenkins to build and deploy PHP projects with great success.

K12 Services, Inc.

Lightning Talk #2: A Build Eco-System for Loosely Compiled Code

Wednesday, 18 June 2014 -

At MEDITECH, we needed a way to get individual files from a code base with 260 million lines of source code to build after a commit. This talk is about the issues we encountered, and how we eventually succeeded.

Forest Handford

Forest started at MEDITECH in 1998, eventually took the lead of DevOps team where he helped to implement Subversion, Eclipse and Jenkins. In May 2014, he left MEDITECH to work in the Development Services team of Carbonite.

Forest Handford

Lightning Talk #3: Case Study: Using Jenkins to Build WebSphere Portal Applications for the Enterprise

Wednesday, 18 June 2014 -

Every enterprise customer engagement is unique and time-sensitive, so it’s imperative that a CI tool is flexible, powerful and customizable enough to handle each unique project — quickly. Learn how we leverage Jenkins to build enterprise-scale WebSphere Portal application components with tools including Subversion, Ant and Maven

Sam Alexander

Senior Managing Consultant

Sam is a Senior Managing Consultant with IBM Software Services for Collaboration (ISSC), a global organization partnering with customers to build solutions with IBM Lotus and WebSphere Portal technologies. Sam specializes in leading teams to develop Portal and Mobile solutions for IBM enterprise customers.