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Distributed Scrum Development with Jenkins, Vagrant, Fabric and Selenium

Wednesday, 18 June 2014 -

Discuss the experience of using Jenkins to manage the full stack integration build and testing for DealerTrack 2.0 for 6+ distributed scrum teams. Topics include:

  • Jenkins master-slave strategy
  • Hot-fixes vs. development build
  • Vagrant for isolated build environment
  • Fabric for deployment
  • Robotframework-Selenium for acceptance test
  • Best practices for build, such as test data setup strategy
  • Useful metrics.

Hoi Tsang

Hoi is a versatile technology manager and architect with over a decade of experience delivering mission critical software and systems in ecommerce, high frequency trading and automotive industries. He has proven track records of leading global teams with diverse backgrounds delivery initiatives from inception to production. He has a high learning aptitude, is business savvy and has a good understanding of team dynamics.