Stairway to Heaven: Ten Best Practices for Enterprise Continuous Delivery with Jenkins

Wednesday, 25 June 2014 -

Continuous delivery helps you release more, more often, for less. This year it’s high on the C-Level agenda and so it should be — it’s a game changer for IT. The journey for enterprises to adopt and embed continuous delivery practices into their organization is fraught with peril, but fortunately Jenkins paves the way. To help you ascend your stairway to continuous delivery heaven, here are ten tips for using Jenkins to line up your developers, operations teams, processes and tools. Make sure you don’t trip! Come learn the most important considerations as you embark on your first step.  

Alex Manly

VP Product Development

Alex is VP Product Development at MidVision. He has over 15 years’ product development, consulting and enterprise scale IT automation transformation experience. He is a recognized domain expert in continuous integration and delivery including many of the open source and commercial toolsets used to help Developers and Operations Teams get things done. He has been instrumental in helping MidVision to be recognized globally for RapidDeploy, the leading enterprise application release automation platform. He has worked with many global customers across financial services, healthcare, government and retail to help with achieving their continuous delivery and DevOps goals.

Alex Manly