Jenkins-CI, an Open Source Continuous Integration System, as a Scientific Data and Image Processing Platform

Wednesday, 18 June 2014 -

Jenkins CI provides a robust framework for the integration and standardization of scientific workflows. We use Jenkins CI in combination with CellProfiler, an open source image processing software, to build an integrated platform for processing microscopy images and associated data generated from high content screening (HCS). The platform enables scientists to easily access required high performance computing resources, collaborate with each other and easily track data and meta to enhance reproducible research.

Ioannis Moutsatsos

Ioannis is a life scientist with a graduate degree in biochemistry and software engineering. He is currently working for a large pharmaceutical research organization. Trained as a cell biologist and later as a software engineer, he has diverse experience in developing systems for biological data management, computational workflows, and data analysis for a variety of life-science data including proteomic, genomic and high-throughput screening data.

Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research
Ioannis Moutsatsos