Jenkins and Chef: Infrastructure CI and Application Deployment

Wednesday, 18 June 2014 -

This session will discuss two key components of our deployment pipeline: Continuous integration of Chef code and automated deployment of Java applications. CI jobs for Chef code run static analysis and then provision, configure and test EC2 instances. Release jobs publish new cookbook versions to the Chef server. Deployment jobs identify target EC2 and VMware nodes and orchestrate Chef client runs. The flexibility of Jenkins is essential to our overall delivery architecture.

Dan Stine

Software Architect

Dan is a software architect at Copyright Clearance Center, where he currently leads CCC’s effort to create a standard enterprise software development platform. His focus is on reliable production of quality software by applying systems thinking to the software development lifecycle, with an emphasis on tooling and process. The tools he has introduced to the organization include Git, Gradle, Jenkins, Artifactory, Liquibase and Chef.

Copyright Clearance Center
Dan Stine